Cattle Handlers Camp

Cattle Handlers Camp

2020 Online Entry Form

Before proceeding to the entry form, you must agree to the following Cattle Handlers Camp Regulations:

General Conditions of Entry

  1. Management and control of the Handlers’ Camp will be in the hands of Committee appointed by Stud Beef Victoria, and their decision shall be final.
  2. The appointed Committee reserves the right to allocate entrants into divisions.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to reject or not accept an application for entry to the Stud Beef Handlers Camp at its sole discretion.
  4. Insurance and Public Liability is the responsibility of the Owner/Exhibitor.
  5. Participants are not required to be a financial member of any Breed Society.
  6. Each entrant will exhibit one bull, steer or heifer, and must provide a copy of the registration certificate at time of entry (in the case of crossbreed animals, either the Sire or Dam must be registered).
  7. Experienced handlers may apply to enter two animals, subject to available space, and with an extra fee of $50. Entrants may only nominate one animal to be used in the Handlers classes, and may not change this selection once the camp has begun, unless the selected animal is unfit to be shown (ie. Injured during transport or whilst at the camp).
  8. All entrants wishing to enter two animals are asked to first email
  9. If entering two animals, take into account that you must lead them both in the cattle classes.
  10. Night security will be strictly enforced for the duration of the Handlers’ Camp.
  11. Disruptive and unacceptable behaviour from entrants will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour will result in the entrant being disqualified from the camp at the committee’s discretion.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in the cattle sheds, toilets, eating or sleeping areas. Underage smoking will not be tolerated and will result in the entrant being removed from the camp at the committee’s discretion.
  13. No alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the showgrounds by any entrant, volunteer or spectators during the duration of the Handlers Camp. Failure to comply will result in the entrant being removed from the camp at the committee’s discretion.
  14. All participants will be sleeping on the Grounds and will not be permitted to leave the Grounds without official permission, with the exception of handlers 18 years of age and over who may make alternative arrangements if desired. PLEASE NOTE – you are still responsible for the care of your animals even if you are not on grounds.
  15. Exhibitors to supply own cattle feed, water buckets and equipment (with exception of participants using a ballot animal). Cattle bedding will be supplied.

Participant and Livestock Health and Safety

  1. A current National Cattle Health Declaration form must be signed by the exhibitor or authorised representative and be provided to the Handlers Camp Administrator at the time of submitting your entry.
  2. Animals without a J-BAS score stated on the NCHD form will be assumed to have a J-BAS score of 6 or less and will be stalled with cattle of the same score.
  3. All cattle attending the camp are to be pesti virus tested negative and copies of laboratory results are to be included with your entry. If you require a pesti testing kit, then please contact Sue Boland on 0408 766 206. Pesti virus testing results must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of camp.
  4. Any animal with a visually active ringworm lesion will be removed from the showgrounds at the entrants’ expense unless a veterinary certificate is provided stating that the animal has been treated with an appropriate fungicide within the previous 4 days of the first day of camp.
  5. All exhibits must have an acceptable temperament and be broken to lead.
  6. Horned animals – the tip of the horns must not come past the animal’s ear. No exceptions.
  7. Use of nose clips or rings and neck straps is compulsory.
  8. The Committee appointed by Stud Beef Victoria will be responsible for inspecting all animals' tattoos, and/or fire brands and NLIS tags.
  9. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Thongs, boats shoes and sneakers are not to be worn whilst handling or attending to cattle.
  10. All electrical leads must be tagged by a qualified electrician and up to date as required by law.

Age of Participants and Livestock

  1. Entrants to be at least 8 years of age at 1 July of the current year.
  2. Handlers bringing bulls must be 15 years of age or over at 1 July of the current year.
  3. Cattle eligible for entry must be over 6 months and not over 24 months as of 1 July of the current year.

Fees and Close of Entries

  1. Fees include GST and must be paid in full upon entry. Fees include all meals, accommodation, camp shirt, camp activities and bedding for cattle.
  2. Participants requesting a ballot animal must pay the associated fee (incl GST) at time of entry.